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Feature Request - Update/Change Cover Letter

I would like to request a feature to Update/Change the Cover Letter text as we might sometimes remember something else to add to the Cover Letter after sending the proposal.
This actually happened to me just now, as I remembered something that I think would make my proposal much sweeter to the client.
Thank you.

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I would second this!  I accidentally submitted a proposal before realizing I hadn't finalized my cover letter. Withdrawing doesn't allow you to resubmit.  It's pretty silly.  We should be able to update any part of our application, at least for a specified period of time after submitting it.

No, it's not silly. We are adults in self-employment. How many chances do you think you should have? It is part of freelancing, and clients aren't going to give you multiple chances to get it right.


You should make sure every single thing is perfect. Don't be in a rush to submit a proposal. Take your time to make sure it says what it should, and includes everything you want. Don't insist on an awful program, where freelancers would be constantly changing and adding stuff. How is the poor client supposed to deal with that? You expect them to read your proposal multiple times? No. Get it right the first time.



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I think Upwork will add this feature soon. Not for free to spam client with unlimited edits but for additional connects. More edits - more connects wasted. 

If upwork was not already thinking about charging connects for proposal edits, you just have them an idea! 

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There is another thread on this topic, where I posted exactly why this is a terrible idea. Freelancers are supposed to be adults in self-employment. So, we all need to act like adults in self-employment, and be responsible. Take time before you submit to check everything in your proposals. Do not fall for the idea you must be the first to apply. It doesn't work that way.


Examine everything to ensure it is perfect. It has to be. The client is not going to give you multiple chances to do the job right. No one should be getting multiple chances to change their proposal. Learn to do it right, the first time.

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Well I guess we have some perfect people who never forget a freaking comma around here!
Good for you, you deserve that pat on the back!

For the rest of us who are not so perfect and realise that maybe shoulve'd include something else we think is important, one edit in the first hour or 30 minutes would probably be enough.

You have to learn how to be "perfect." No, I learned years ago how to write a proposal and include everything. I never make a mistake in my proposal, because I look them over before I submit, which is what adults do in self-employment.


If you can't be bothered to submit a decent proposal, do you think the client will assume you will eventually get the job right?


I am constantly amazed that adults in freelancing want to be treated like beginning children, and get as many "do overs" as they want. No one is perfect, including me. That's why I check everything, including examples, before I hit submit.


No one should get multiple chances to get it right.


No one is thinking about the poor client, who is supposed to read multiple rounds of attempts to get it right? Why does everyone want to drive away the last decent clients? No, freelancers need to learn how to function in business. I make no mistakes on final submissions because I know how to look for mistakes, and not try to be the first few people who apply, because it means nothing.


Adults in freelancing do not get multiple chances to get their proposal correct, nor should they.

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