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Feature Request: direct links to portfolio projects.

Active Member

Hello oDesk team.


It would be nice to be able to address every project in my freelancer portfolio with direct URL link. Right now it is impossible. When I apply to the job, clients ask the the question 'What of your past projects was most like this one and why'. Somethimes it's possible to select the project from the list of my completed ones, but in most cases it is not. And even when it is, only projects done on oDesk can be selected. While in portfolio I can select any project, even the one that was not done on oDesk.


So please implement such feature.



Community Guru

You can direct link into your past projects.  Just click on the portfolio item to view it and copy the URL.


Even better, though, is an external link to the "live" version of the work, ideally crediting you directly for your contribution.


May I take the liberty to offer some on my behalf?


Just click on the portfolio item to view it and copy the URL.


Make sure your Profile is set to public. (User Setting>Profile Setting>My Profile>Edit).

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Actually it really doesn't work anymore, though it worked perfectly a few months ago.  Now if I click on any project in my portfolio it does open, but the link doesn't change - it's still the direct link to my profile.


Did Odesk remove this feature (and if yes, then what to do when the client asks for specific portfolio samples) or is it just some kind of glitch?