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Feature Suggestion - Ability to paste images directly in the job description text area.

What is the most important thing about a job description? - Clear communication!


How do you communicate clearly with someone who doesn't speak English as their first language? - By using images and screenshots!


Feature Suggestion:

I would like to be able to drag images into the job description text area, like you can in a Google Doc.


Yes I can add them as attachments, but it's way better to add images in between the paragraphs.


This would make it WAY EASIER for freelancers to understand what I need if I can explain using images between the text.


Please, add this sooner rather than later! 🙂

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In addition to attaching images, you can link to image files with a url in the job description. Link to images on a neutral FTP server, for example, with no link to your contact info. That is a good way to provide files in job description.

Yes, that's definitely better than simply attaching images. CloudApp works well for this.


I'm thinking of creating a Google Doc with the actual detailed job description including images, making it public, and pasting the link to it in the job decription. Anyone done this?

I haven't seen clients posting illustrated job descriptions in any form.


Just keep in mind that anything you attach or link to a job description is public. You're publishing to the Internet as a whole. Probably doesn't matter, but it's something to keep in mind.

Thanks for the replies. I am looking for designers with a specific design asthetic, so visual imagery is pretty important in the description.


I need to break down exactly what I'm looking for, so it's kinda frustrating that I can't have a descriptive paragraph with a related image directly below. Having a link to an image means they have to open it in a new tab and then switch back and forth between the tabs. Not very efficient and harder to comprehend.


You are correct about posting to the entire Internet. I'll have to be sure to make the link private again after the job is filled. 

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