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Feature request: Small payments without a contract

Hi Upwork product team,


I'd like to request a feature: the ability for clients to make small payments to freelancers that they worked with in the past without having an existing contract open.



It's my understanding that it's not a best-practice to keep projects open in perpetuity, and so both my clients and I have been diligent in closing out projects once they're done. If the client later encounters a problem with my work then I always fix the problem at no extra charge. But clients sometimes reach back to me for two other reasons:


1. They seek advice on some ad-hoc topic.

2. They change their mind about someting I did in a previous project (e.g they had asked for a green button and now they want it red).


Either way, my effort is small and does not warrant going through the red-tape of creating a new project and a milestone for that. 


It would be nice, therefore, if you could add a Venmo-like feature where a client can tip a freelancer outside of a contract for small amounts (say up to $100).


Thank you for your consideration!



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I believe they can send you a bonus.  I believe they can do it even on closed contracts.

I had a client recently who tried to tip me but said he couldn't because there was no open contract and he didn't see anywhere to do that.

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You can solve this yourself by creating Projects for these types of situations if you have them often.  Client can then purchase a project at a set rate that fits the need easily.


I appreciate the suggestion, but this won't work for me, as the amount the client tips is determined by the client and not known upfront. Also, I think the feature should be initiated by the freelancer: I do the client a favor. I go to Upwork and select the client. I click "Ask for a tip" or something. I fill out an input box stating what I did. The client can decide if and how much to tip.

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