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Feature suggestion - job search feed usability

The job search feed is the most important part of Upwork for freelancers. I would like to leave a personal feedback to the developers after using Upwork for a long time:


- The animation seems excessive at its current, being heavy for a browser and time-consuming for a person. Yes, in that enormous information flow, the milliseconds matter. Personally, I'd be glad to see it removed completely.


- The feed refreshing is not real-time, so all the freelancers spend time contantly beating F5 key. Is JSON that undesired? Is a database that weak? I guess you could transform it.


- The client profiles with payment unverified access the feed for only filling it with spam and fraud. Will one send his paid connects to them? He does not have to, cause it redirects to Telegram or WhatsApp. Sometimes it is 90% of the feed. A lot of trash is not a good way to make Upwork look massive.


Is it worth taking into account?


Hi Olha,


Yes, of course, this is worth taking into account. Thank you for your feedback and I'll make sure to pass this along to the appropriate team!

~ AJ
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