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Fee structure of Upwork and client/freelancer rates

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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Annie T wrote:

I feel that the 20% fee Upwork charges freelancers is akin to Usury, meaning interest at unreasonable rates. I'm a freelance writer working in a market of competitors who charge next to nothing for an article. My jobs that take 2 days to do pay about $5/hr or less. I don't know how it works. Are clients getting charged nothing and we freelancers are bearing the burden of supporting Upwork? Can someone explain to me the system: are the clients are getting charged something or nothing. If they are getting charged, how do they pay and what is their rate?

If you borrowed money from Upwork, and they charged you interest, then your post might make sense. Otherwise, it just appears that you found a word you like and want to use it. There are many writers here who make a very comfortable hourly rate for their work.

Clients are charged for the work they purchase from freelancers. They are charged whatever rate the freelancer chooses. Choose to charge your clients a rate that represents your value.