Feedback Formula



Maybe you can help me.


Reccently I received a 4.6 feedback on a contract. I know this is not bad feedback, but it dropped my overall feedback to 4.99 from 5.


In the past I received another 4.6 feedback, but on a lower contract so it didn't weight so much, leaving my overall feedback at 5. So I have only these 2 contracts with 4.6, the rest of them are rated with 5 stars.


I calculated manualy using this formula:


[(amount*feedback)+(amount*feedback)+....] / total amount


and the result was above 4.99 (4.994 I think), shouldn't it display on my profle a rating of 5 instead of 4.99?


I also noticed that feedback for the last 6 months is not there anymore, there's now only the profile feedback. Maybe they make an average between all time feedback and last 6 months feedback?


Anyone can clear this?


Thank you,



Quote: "above 4.99 (4.994 I think), shouldn't it display on my profile a rating of 5 instead of 4.99"


No -when you have a number like 4. 994 -if  you need to round it up you 'd look at the last digit ( last 4 in this case) so if the digit is lower that 5, it would be rounded to 4.99.

If the digit was higher than 5 (for example 4.996 ) it would be rounded to  5-not 4.99 .When the digit is five-like in 4.995 , the rules of rounding  may vary-too long to explain here.

Thank you Natasa.