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Feedback Mistake

In Mistaken my Client put 4.6 Feedback! But his comment is saying "Would hire again! Thx". Client thought he put 5 and he worried about this and he wants to put 5 stars. this is possible to do this from the client's side?

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Hi Rasika,

In order for your client to be able to change their feedback, you will need to enable this from your end. To learn more about how you can allow a client to update their feedback check out this Help Article. THank you.

~ Goran
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4.6 is very good feedback!


That means that the client scored you with a perfect or near-perfect score in all 6 categories he was asked to rate you in.


It is simply inappropriate for a freelancer to complain about such a score.


In reality, a score of 4.6 is probably "better" and more meaningful than a score of 5.0


Because it represents a client who is actually thinking about the scoring process instead of just clicking all fives.

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