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Feedback/Review not showing up on my profile?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Just wait!

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Antun M Member Since: Jan 27, 2018
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Aafaq S wrote:

Hi, I am having a problem with the feedback. My client gave me the feedback and I have given the feedback as well. The contract is completed but it is not visible. Can you please check on it?


Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Aafaq,


I checked this for you and the feedback is showing now. Could you please clear your cache and cookies or log in with another browser to check if it's showing on your end?


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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Aafaq S Member Since: Feb 14, 2020
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Hi Bojan,

Thank you for checking this out for me.

Yes, it's up there now.

Kind Regards,


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Sachin K Member Since: Jun 27, 2019
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Hello Upwork,


One of my projects is not showing on my profile. The project was fixed price, It is completed. I also got the review. However, it is not showing my profile. What is missing here?

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Sachin,


I have manually generated your profile which should now be reflecting the most recent information regarding your work history and feedback. If the project is still not visible on the Work History, please send me a private message with the Contract ID so that I can check and assist you further.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Sachin K Member Since: Jun 27, 2019
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Hi Aleksandar,


Thank you very much for your help. The projects are all shown on my profile.



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Andrea M Member Since: May 24, 2019
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I'm a freelancer and yesterday I closed my first contract. The client and I wrote the feedback. It has passed more than 24 hours but still in "Work History and Feedback" the job is in progress and there is not the review of the client.

How long it delays to show new info in "Work History and Feedback" after the contract is closed?

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Wes C Member Since: May 3, 2019
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I see a contract on your history now, is that the one you're referring to?

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Akhawini P Member Since: Jun 11, 2015
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Hello, my client ended a contract for some days now which we both exchange feedback but the contract seems to be active on my profile. Here is the Contract ID