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Feedback Score Drop

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Jordon B Member Since: Jun 16, 2015
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Has anyone else had their Feedback Score (FS) drop after recieving a 5 star rating?


My FS was at ~4.8 after one person left me non objective review based on not accepting work beyond the initial contract instead of the quality of service provided for the agreed upon contract.


I took on a lot of smaller jobs I wouldn't normally to help boost my job success score to get back enough JS to get Top Developer, but then I noticed after finishing one of my jobs that my FS was at ~4.6 before the reviews were even posted publicly.  The review was finally published and was 5 stars, yet my FS went down! 


I contacted support and was first told that the ratings were weighted based on how much a project was valued at (how much you were paid), but after clearly asking: "So I can do 5 star work and my average rating goes down?" I was told that shouldn't happen and have been waiting for a response from their engineers ever since.


 Has anything like this happened to anyone else?  I'm starting to wonder why I'm suddenly paying for features I use to have for free when I'm seeing no noticable advancement in quality.  Time to find a new job board?

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Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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There are 2 typles of feedbacks. 


1. External that we can see in profiles. 


2. Internal or Private


This is on the client that you can't see. It does matters. 


It means, he gave you low rating in their internal feedback. That is not visible to anyone except the Upwork system. 


That is why your score drop down.