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Feedback from a two-year-old contract seems to have disappeared

I've belonged to oDesk since December 2011. In July 2012, I had a falling out with one of my two big clients at the time. Since I was new, that had a big impact on my feedback score and, of course, the comments that were left didn't help either. (I don't remember what they were, if there were any at all.) I just looked through all my feedback and that client no longer is there. I assume that client's impact on my feedback score still applies but the client and the 3.0 or 3.1 feedback (plus whatever comments)are nowhere to be found on my list of past contracts. It can't be because it's been more than two years because there's clients/contracts still on my list that are older than that one. It can't be because the client no longer belongs to oDesk because there's other contracts on there and those clients no longer seem to belong either. Did the client go back and withdraw/delete the feedback or something?
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