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Feedback is History, Job Success is the Primary filter (now live for clients) ........

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Kamal S Member Since: Mar 24, 2015
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I along with many contracts facing similar situation would love to hear an explanation about this

Mr Garnor you say that in your post here
"Clients can continue to find you and hire you, whether your Job Success score is 75%, 80% or 100%. "

I don't think that is the case as portrayed by the new interface/filter made live for odesk clients,  anything below 90% and and you are filtered out.  (This is a live screenshot from a friends account taken  earlier today who actively uses Odesk to hire people)

New Filter ScreenShot

I dont get the idea that you suddenly change the metric for accessing the quality of contractors and make it live on the profiles and also make it the primary filter for clients to find contractors, while so many contractors have issues/ concerns with it.

Just let me know and I can provide you with many examples where low quality contractors are getting top places in the search results while many good quality contractors with good long history of quality work are filtered due to this magical Job success (JS) ratio which you just turned on for clients without any notice of even bothering to test it.

I dont get what sort of mixed reaction would a client get after visiting a profile which  has an immaculate feedback rating of  but a not so great success score. For example my success score was 99% and the avg feedback was 4.92 till last week and in this week it has changed to 89% success score and feedback of 4.95. ( a drastic drop in JS while slight improvement in feedback score) 

Just a week back you get the email from Odesk stating that  "In a few weeks, we’re launching the "Top Rated" program to recognize our highest-performing freelancers, and you’re one of them. We value your consistent, high quality work and want to help you be even more successful."

And a week later you are no more top-rated, what caused  the plunge ( hope its not a bug or an algo issue) if it’s actually something wrong at my end at least I need to know what caused it and how can  other people like me fix it ?

If the effects of this not so polished metric are so far reaching it needs to be made more transparent or atleast given details about all the factors that its based on. I along with a lot of other contractors who have voiced their concerns on the forums are very anxious to hear an official response from the Odesk team

No one can argue that there is lot of room for improvement in Odesk but this metric (which happens to be even made live for contractors ) is going to cause a lot more issues then it can ever fix.

A deeply concerned Odesk Contractor


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Kamal S Member Since: Mar 24, 2015
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 I just looked at my success rate and feel kind of upset that it's at 89% last time I checked it was 99% when I've only have 4.95 star ratings - from the clients who bothered leaving feedback. 

I am not sure what bothers me more the downward plunge or the fact that I don’t know the reason behind it.  If Odesk is going to show it on my profile and clients are going to use that to make a decision at least we should have the right to know what factors are causing the change

Well so many factors are beyond the control of freelancers that can negatively affect this matric

1) unrealistic expectations of contractors
2) some client never bother to close the contract
3) if you try to close that contract thats been lingering for ages most often they get offended and either don’t leave any feedback or past a -ive one.
4)they dont leave feedback it's your fault ( you didnt s

You would be penalized even for things not in your control

A suggestion
if you are copying all the features of Elance please also import the functionality where one can remind clients to give feedback and implement some sort of the magical Success % for clients too


  1. what % of contracts they leaved the feedback and
  2. the avg response time
  3. what’s sort of private feedback they received &
  4. how many jobs they started but never paid

You open the gates to Elance contractors to import the profiles without the Odesk users getting the same right and now you are implementing this feature for only contractors but  it would only be just to implement it for Clients too. Are the Odesk contractors children of lesser God?

Please do share your experience whether you are satisfied with the implementation of displaying this matric on your profile or you feel like that it’s time to move to a platform that’s is more reliable and transparent.

A concerned Odesk Contractor
PS: I hope this one makes through and does not vanishes in thinair like the last post.

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Md Rahatur R Member Since: Apr 17, 2013
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Unfortunately this is still a nightmare!
With 100% success rate and 5 stars rating I am also worried when things take a turn.

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Caroline A Member Since: Dec 26, 2014
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There were a lot of contracts that just been left by the clients, worked nicely, deliver the work nicely, the clients were satisfied, paid me and then they left without closing the contract. And a couple years later those contracts become inactive and I have to close some because too many contracts that have been abandoned like that. I closed, leave feedback (mostly nice and fair ones) and cant expect them to leave feedback for me


Because maybe they have not opened odesk anymore for ages...

So I dont have any feedback or recommendation though they were very satisfied with my work

Sad though... 

Community Guru
Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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Look at the end of this post. Garnor has given a kind of statement, though I still don't think he's totally getting the question...

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Margaret P Member Since: Jul 7, 2007
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When a client closes a job, they give you feedback then they tell oDesk how satisfied they were with you on a scale of 1-10. You-the contractor-do not see this. I wonder if that is factored into the satisfaction percentage?

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Kamal S Member Since: Mar 24, 2015
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If your job success rate is below 90% you should really start looking for alternative platforms to earn a relaible monthly income. Cause Odesk has dumped the feedback filer and replace it with the awesome  "job success" matric that so many contractors have issues with.

So feedback has been in place of mysterious Job Success

Even if you have a score of above 90% do start looking cause when are you going to get hit no one knows. Its beginning to feel like the Google updates hammer, you are sure one is going to drop on you its just a matter of time .Smiley Mad


Community Guru
Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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That's terrible, and I say this despite having a score of 100%. It seems way too fragile of a measurement, it's only updated twice a month, and it's entirely unclear to me how the hidden feedback influences the score.


On the question "would you recommend this freelancer to a colleague" I seldom chose 10. I usually chose a 7 or 8. Does this mean it penalizes the freelancers? 


Mods, could you please clarify how the rating above influences the job success score? More specifically, which rating is viewed as inadequate, everything below 10, below 5, below 3?

Community Guru
Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Hi Krisztina,

Keep in mind the Job Success metric includes more than just the private recommendation rating you're referencing. It also takes into account the final Feedback stars, payments, length of the job, etc. Yes, a 10 or a 9 score on this scale are preferred, but due to the other factors reflected in this score, something lower does not mean your Job Success score will always take a significant drop.

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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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Hi Garnor, thanks for addressing my post. When I remove the marketing language from your answer, I read that anything less than 9 will affect the freelancer negatively, which I find terrible. Why? Because I think I gave a 10 once. Did I give 7 or 8s because the freelancer was good but not great? No. The headline of the rating states: "how likely would you be to recommend this freelancer to a colleague" - what if I don't have colleagues, what if I have colleagues but none of them would need a freelancer like the one I just hired, etc.? In all of those cases I would be very unlikely to recommend anyone, despite the fact that they might've done an amazing job. I feel terrible that I rated about 20 people a 7, and I would've rated them a 9 or 10 had I known what the rating truly stands for.