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Hi, I'm new to the forum so I hope I am posting this in the correct area. I've recently had a very unprofessional client decide to end my contract before allowing me to make any revisions. I found out that since no money has been paid out, the client will not be allowed to leave feedback. This is good from my standpoint as it will not affect my rating, but it would be nice if I was able to provide future freelancers with some information cautioning them about this particular client. 


Any thoughts on this? I'd love to know what everyone thinks 🙂


Keep up the great work all!




Leah, sorry to hear you had an unfortunate experience like this.

But there might not be a lot you can do to warn other contractors. Not being able to leave feedback means exactly that. This is how the system is intentionally designed.

You could describe your experience briefly here in the forum, but it would be unprofessional and a violation of forum guidelines to identify the client by name.

If the client clearly violated an oDesk policy, such as asking you to do free work or asking you to receive payment outside of oDesk, then you can flag his job posting and/or report him to customer service, but if it was just a matter of a client and contractor not clicking or him being kind of a jerk, you should not report him. Just need to move on and consider yourself fortunate that he can't post scathing comments about you on your profile.

I'm not sure what work you did for the client but if it was a writing  job, then you may want to keep an eye out to make sure that the work is not posted anywhere.


I  find it suscpicious that a client cancels the job after something has been submitted while refusing to let you address any issues. Could you have missed the mark so badly that the client felt there was no hope of you fixing it?


Did the client have a decent feedback rating and a number of hires?


It could be a case of a client trying to get some free work.

Yes, very good point! First it was an email sales letter so may be hard to find that out. If I did find it online somewhere, what recourse do I have except to email him and tell him he's been busted?



Even though the client cannot leave public feedback when no money was exchanged they are asked to give private feedback when ending the contract. And that will affect your JS score (positively or negatively).
It happened to me and not in a good way.

Hopefully you got lucky!
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