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I looked around for answrs thos this questions, but the answers I found didn't work. I've finished a job, and it was approved and I was paid. I now have to wait 6 days before I can take my payment out.


My questions at this point are - Is there a link or button that I need to click on to end the job since it has been approved by the client and I've been paid? IF so, where is it or what do I do to close or end the job?


Also, I can not find any link to leave feedback. I look at My Jobs, and Contracts but can't find any place to click on so that I can leave feedback.


Finally, since the completed job was approved by the client and they have paid me, why isn't the job showing in my profile?


The contract needs to be closed before feedback can be left.


You can close the contract, but it is much better for the client to do it as they are then presented with a screen to leave feedback. Once they do that you can leave your feedback.


The job will appear on you profile when it is closed. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to appear.


Check in 'My Jobs' and it will let you know the up to date status of that job.



Can you explain why it's much better for a client to close a job, especially if they've approved the results and released the funds in escrow? Why does it matter who closes a job?

They are led through to a feedback screen, which encourages them to leave feedback. 


Otherwise, they may not bother, which would damage your JSS.

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