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I have maintained five stars feedback in the last six months but now it is 4.99 without being received any feedback lower than 5 stars in the last six months. What might be the possible reasons? Plz help.
Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.

If you have had a five star average of six months and now you don't, despite not receiving anything less than five stars during the past six months, then it must mean that oDesk tweaked their algorithm slightly and your average now shows slightly under five stars because some past jobs you did are now weighted differently. You probably have a sub five job that was for many hours or large pay, thus it is weighted slight higher.

But more importantly, an average of 4.99 Is fantastic. You should be very pleased with such a score!

First, I was unable to locate your freelancer profile. From your end, look closely at those sets of five stars on each of your completed jobs to ensure that the rating actually reads: 5.00 and not less than 5.00. For example, a score of 4.80 still shows what appears to be all five stars (graphic symbols).

I do not believe that the actual formula that oDesk uses to calculate the freelancer overall feedback score is publicly known. However, as an example, I was told once by support that if a freelancer has 5.00 ratings on all individual job ratings except for one 4.83 that the calculation of the overall feedback score could yield 5.99 (the size of jobs is factored into the calculation; not sure if that is size as in dollars earned or hours worked or both). Furthermore, it would take six months before that one 4.83 would drop off from the calculation.

For issues regarding your freelancer overall feedback score, I suggest that you contact support. They should be able to tell you exactly what is going on.

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Ron aka LanWanMan

Hi Ronald

The weightage of each individual feedback rating to overall feedback is based on number of dollars. That means 2$ earned with 5.0 rating and 1000$ earned with 1.0 rating does not mean an overall feedback of 3.0 . The overall feedback will be close to 1.  


This is as per odesk support a few years back. Formula may have changed by now. I wonder why they have not made the calculation public. 

Well, Aseem, you need wonder no more about why oDesk does not make their feedback rating summarization algorithm public. Obviously they don't publicize it because they don't want contractors to know so much about it that they could manipulate it.

But you could have figured that out for yourself if you were asked that question.

The truth is that we already know enough just based on what oDesk tells us: do the best we can for each client. Clearly communicate so that expectations are are reasonable. Under promise and over deliver.

It might be they don't publish it because like a lot of their algorithms they haven't a clue how (or whether) they do what they're supposed to...

SB, I agree with that 100%. They are definately clueless!

Ron aka LanWanMan

PH. I like that one: "Under promise and over deliver."

Ron aka LanWanMan

AB, Thank you for your input. I believe the formula should be made public. Maybe it is, but I have not located where that might be. As far as oDesk making any changes to the formula, that would likely make any previous baselne obsolete; possibly rendering the overall freelancer ratnig scores useless.


Maybe oDesk will chime in on this one....


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Ron aka LanWanMan

Hi Ronald, I think this is the formula used to calculate the overall feedback score


Feedback score based on the ratings left by the client and the size of those jobs in terms of dollars earned on each assignment.


Overall feedback score = [(amount1 x feedback score1) + (amount2 x feedback score2) +......] / total amount



For example, a $1,000 assignment with a 5 feedback score and a $500 assignment with a 1 feedback score would result in an adjusted score of


[($1,000 * 5) + ($500 * 1)] / ($1,000 + $500) = 5,500 / 1,500 = 3.67


My Kudos to Stephen for his remark.

Also I think that the system is only fair, does not need any changes and there is nothing in it that odesk has to hide(Unless of course if it does not really work that way)