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Hello Moderators!


Great seeing you people guiding/solving the issues as and when required.

I also need your help regarding a feedback issue. I have completed my first work on Sep 19, 2021 - Sep 26, 2021 with a feedback 4.85. The clint gave me 4 stars against communication.  Actually, after completion of the task I followed upwork procedure of submitting the final document. I attached the document through provided link and wrote completion message and upload the work, however client did not bother his upwork message box and expected the delivery of same through google drive (the shared folder he used initially to send the work file). Perhaps, we have no mutual understanding to use the share folder for sending final work. Anyhow, upon his desire, I again sent the final document through a shared folder on google drive well before the deadline, but still he was unhappy.  I don’t know what’s wrong if I followed the upwork link to send the final work. Now, since then, I am facing problems in finding the job with 4.85 rating, perhaps, I was expectant to many of them. On a platform where less than 5.00 is not meaningful, especially when number of job completion is less than 10 it affects adversely, it may not affect as badly for more than 10.  Kindly do the needful, please re-consider my feedback rating to 5.00 or remove it. Please have a glance on my profile. Kindly guide me with the solution.

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Muhammad Q wrote:

Kindly do the needful, please re-consider my feedback rating to 5.00 or remove it. 

This isn't how it works. If it was, everyone would have only 5 star feedback. Upwork do not interfere with feedback that was left unless such deedback violate Upwork's terms of service, which isn't the case here.

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If Upwork could or would remove feedback, the Community page would crash with the clamour for bad reviews to be removed. What's done is done, whether you consider it fair or not.


There's nothing wrong with a 4.85 score. Assuming the private feedback is the same, it won't adversely affect your job success score. I can't see it stopping any client from hiring you.


It's hard to know why clients don't give a full 5 for some part of the feedback. I've had clients give less than 5 for availability or communication, even though I was always the one who answered messages within an hour or so of receiving them, while they'd be out of reach for ages when I was trying to contact them.

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Thank you, Robert
I got your point you want to be focused. I followed the right procedure but was left at the mercy of a client, anyhow, please let me know, does the policy allow to return/refund the amount back to the client for removal of feedback?



Yes, if you refund the total amount, the job will disappear, but not the impact of private feedback on JSS.

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