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Re: Feeling disillusioned by too many scammers (my experience)

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Abinadab A Member Since: Sep 26, 2016
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Upwork used to offer a one-month free trial of Upwork Plus.

There was talk a while back about them discontinuing the free trial - dunno if they actually followed through on that.

Against this backdrop I can say that scammers of the sort you refer to are not generally paying for a membership.

Of course this is not to say that you can never get scammed by a client paying for a membership.


As an FYI, Plus clients are entitled to 1 free featured job per month, without prejudice to whether they are the actual paid Plus clients or the free trial Plus clients.

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Mikko R Member Since: Dec 26, 2015
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Raphael, as you've quickly learned, Upwork doesn't screen clients at all. Anyone can join and post a job. Anyone can join, pay for the subscription, post a job, and send a lot of invites too. There's no limit. Nowadays, many scammers even seem to have the wits to calculate the profit on paying for the subscription as the benefits cover that cost multiple times over (I'm just assuming, otherwise this doesn't make any financial sense). They make money out of work that gets done for free or for peanuts.

Not long ago I got invited to an "expert level" job with 2,865 invitations sent. 🀨 (Just imagine your forefinger doing all that clicking! I just hope it was some bot program. 🀭)

I was just guessing that perhaps they were not after a true expert. 🀣 Upwork took down that post the same day, as I recall, so I don't think anyone suffered. πŸ‘πŸ‘

As you're new to this platform, I just give you PRACTICAL advice that helps you avoid the negative impact of this unfortunate phenomenon:

- We know many scammers target new freelancers. So, you should get out of the $0 earnings class ASAP. And get Top Rated soon after. Then you'll be a less likely target then. (But occasionally you'd get some strange invitations, still. Just report and ignore them.) It would be good to out some full-time focus in making your track record here to look great, and once it does, you can choose how much work you do over here. Start strong and serious! πŸ’ͺ

- Keep trying, but skip the worst clients. They are easy to spot. Send proposals to jobs where the payment method of the client is confirmed and there is a long track record of hiring good freelancers with OK rates and most feedback is around 5 stars. Skip others to stay safe in the beginning.

- Go through all the available guides for freelancers AND clients as well. It doesn't take that long to read them all through, but by doing that you can avoid most of the trouble, I'm sure. You might even want to be a client first to see how things look on that side of the table.

- Think of Upwork as a Doctor Strange movie. The warnings come AFTER the spell. 🀣 Act accordingly.

But most importantly, don't leave, don't stop, take these experiences as a useful learning. It may take a good long while to get things going over here, but once you do get things really going, this platform does most of your marketing for you automatically!

These are tips from a guy who doesn't send proposals anymore as the invitation system works so well for those of us longbeards with strong profiles that the second best client types don't even need to be considered. It's totally worth the initial struggle if you're into playing the long term game here. πŸ€‘

Short term hobbyists lose by default anyway... Regardless of the platform. 😬

Hope this helps. Now, go Raphael! βœŒπŸ˜πŸ‘