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Fewer Jobs This Year?

Hi everyone, 


I've been on Upwork (since ODesk) for many years. For the past few months, I have been noticing there are few jobs and a ton of applicants. Also, I have been finding that clients will reach out to me for an interview and then disappear! No response at all. This has never happened to me before on Upwork. 


Have any of you been experiencing the same? Maybe it's the economy? 


Thanks in advance! 


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Hi Cynthia: I agree with you. Also, the type of assignements are short, nothing long term. Thanks, Sam

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Hey!!! I recently posted a thread re: the same exact issue (please check my post history). Long-term freelancer here (although not since ODesk XD). But yes!!! Ghosting is a major problem over the last year, and I'm back after yet *another* episode of this.


What's even *weirder* is that on my most recent one - the guy repeated back phraseology that I used in his proposal "i.e. eagerly awaiting" in his response, *as well as* phraseology that I use in OTHER PROPOSALS i.e. "looking forward to your response" that I didn't include in his proposal which was very uncharacteristic of a client. He also didn't respond back when I did, and I noticed his name sounded... fake (and he also didn't exist online)

This along with other issues has led me to believe that Upwork may be "burning the candle from both ends" and utilizing manipulative strategies to shake down freelancers to increase spend. Each job post, to Upwork, is worth about $10-$25 based on responses alone (sometimes more) considering the size of the bids - which is significantly more than they used to be and I've noticed other issues alongside this (fake job postings in email blast, and that recent survey about "trusting the platform"?) that have got me really concerned.

Something about the overall vibe is making me seriously question the integrity of the platform... ever since the UI change, something has felt "off" and now it's starting to come together.

Thanks, Shaun. I think you may be right! So sad. This is used to be a great place. A sign of the changing times I guess. Thanks! 

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Fewer jobs was year ago. For now no jobs at all. No real jobs. 

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Unfortunately, everything you said in your post has been the reality for millions of freelancers over the past 1.5 years. I think a lot of people will be more surprised that you haven't been affected (up until the last few months). But no--it's not the economy.


There are plethora of problems on Upwork, and most of these problems--in my opinion--started when Upwork opened its doors to any and all. When this happened, everything changed:


  • more competition
  • more unqualified freelancers
  • more scams
  • more bot activity
  • more frustration [from clients and freelancers]
  • fewer clients
  • fewer real jobs
  • fewer quality jobs
  • company policy changes
  • increased fees
  • reductions in company workforce
  • decrease in quality support
  • increased generative AI/chatbot usage
  • ...and maybe 10 other things
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Same problem here. Lots of fly by night one man companies, sometimes underage, anyone with a debit card can be a boss on Upwork, this is the issue no screening of employers 

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