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File damaged or difference

I am currently in a brand naming and logo creation contract where all processes have run smoothly, the chosen logo has been approved, payment has been released, and I have included all the files in WinRAR form. However, my client felt that the file I sent was damaged or couldn't be opened, so I uploaded it to Google Drive. However, my client felt that the file was different from what was listed in the Brand Guideline, and included the problem in the screenshot 'maelia_logo.png'. However, I don't have a file with that name, all my files consist of: Primary Logo.png, Primary Logo.pdf, Secondary Logo.eps, Sub Mark Logo.jpg, etc. Then I tried changing the SVG format to EPS in the hope that all the vector files would look clearer and uploading all the files to Google Drive again. But my client said that "All logos in vector format appear based on my photos, therefore they are different from JPEG, PNG, or those in the brand guidelines." I have checked all the files that I uploaded to Google Drive and there are no differences from those in the brand guideline. The following files are visible from my smartphone and laptop screen Please help me how to solve this problem because I don't see any different files. This file also appeared in my Adobe Illustrator when I first created the logo (I even sent to my client the screen recorded from my smartphone to show that the file I provided was correct and in accordance with what was in the Brand Guideline)
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