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Files uploaded as part of proposal are being reordered

I've got a major gripe. When submitting a proposal for a project as an engineer, I'm normally taking advantage of all 10 available slots for uploading files, which in most cases are images of other project work that I've completed. In the written portion of my proposal I commonly refer to many of the images, i.e., - I might say something such as "Image 3 shows  XXX and image 7 shows YYY". Once a project has been submitted, if I go back and review my proposal all of the images have been completely reordered in some arbitrary fashion which makes me look like a complete idiot thereby dramatically reducing my chance of getting the project since the written portion of my proposal no longer refers to the correct images. Can someone please explain this to me?

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Hi Scott,


Thank you for reaching out to us. When you upload these files, do you upload them in bulk? When you do this, the smaller files are uploaded faster than the larger ones. I suggest that you rename the following files and refer to them in your proposal based on their file name. I hope this helps!

~ AJ
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I also refer to my attachments in the proposal, but I always use the "filename" while referring to them, not in the order I attached them. Also, the file names I give are appropriately named so the person knows what to expect in those files. 


Even if we consider your case, and if the files were not reordered do you really expect the client to count the order of the file? Like file number 7 has XYZ examples of the ABC project I did? Now, do you really expect the client to count file # 7? 

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