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Filter by Connects

Why is this still not available?


I've seen discussions going back to 3-4 years about why FLs can't filter jobs by number of connects. If I see one more "I will send your feedback to the team for consideration." answer to this...🙄 Is this a black swan in the world of Upwork? 


I assume the reason is so that clients with higher-connect jobs wouldn't be at a disadvantage; but let that onus be on the client, maybe? As a freelancer, I am spending my valuable time clicking on every single job just to see "Oh I don't have enough connects". For newbies, this is important. 


I know nothing will change. Oh well. 

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When they did away with free monthly connects and started requiring us to purchase them (after the initial free batch at sign-up), they also instituted a dynamic system whereby the number of connects required to bid on a specific job could change depending on how many bids it attracts. I don't know whether that is still going on or not. It costs 15 cents to bid on a job that costs one connect. It costs 90 cents to bid on a job that costs six connect. If you're not going to earn enough on a project to represent a decent ROI on bidding 10-20 times to land that one project, then UW might not be a good fit for your business.


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