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Filter for Incoming Jobs

I'm not really sure where to put this. Ideally I'd like it to go directly to UpWork, but I'd like to hear some input from creatives before I email them directly.


Having recently achieved 'Top Rated' status, I still seem to be receiving poor gigs. Not all the time, thankfully, but still...I don't want to be sent any jobs which have been marked as 'Entry Level' or have measly budgets of $50 for work taking upwards of a week to complete. I feel as though these are acceptable to receive as a basic user on the platform who is eager for any work, but I feel having a higher level of recognition as being a professional/expert should be good enough to filter out these terrible proposals from the get-go.


UpWork is not my only source of income, but when I receive bad gigs, I technically have to respond to them in <24 hours or else my responsiveness will be penalised. This takes time away from my already ongoing tasks.


If clients are allowed to set limitations for their jobs in order to screen out potential freelancers, then I should be able to set limitations to screen out potential clients.


Filters to include:

Client History (No UW expereince = 100% no-go from me)

Client Location: Sorry, but some locations are notoriously lower-paying than others

Budget: Obvious reasons

Difficulty: Obvious reasons

Timeframe: Sometimes I won't have the time/availability to take on larger gigs


Hi Stu,


Thanks for your feedback. I'll share this with the rest of the team for consideration. 

~ Joanne
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