Filter for payment method verified should be enabled

A humble request. I have been looking for clients since August last year and noticed that most of the clients that I searched have hires but have unverified payment methods. If it's possible to filter those that don't have verified payment methods please share. Thanks.


That sounds odd. I wonder if they hired, but then cancelled the contract without paying. Or if they got what they wanted through free samples or tests. But, IMO, IF they were legitimate and did pay a contractor how can they do that if their payment method is not verified?

Kathy, how about if


They hired - paid for their freelancers - ended contracts - then removed their payment method.


that is my guess.

@Kamaal M wrote:

Kathy, how about if


They hired - paid for their freelancers - ended contracts - then removed their payment method.


that is my guess.



a client can not remove the only payment method on file without closing their account. A payment method can only be removed after a new, valid one has been added and verified.

There are many perfectly innocent reasons for a Client to show as not verified temporarily, such as they are changing payment method and the new one is not yet verified, or a credit card is due to expire at the end of a month. Even if it is still valid "right now" if there are contracts that would be due for payment after the expiry it puts things on hold before the card expires.


this is also why we see more of those towards the end of a month.


there are also "less innocent" reasons, such as an account suspension.

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Hi Cedris,


I can confirm that currently there is no option to sort job posts based on the status of clients' payment method.


Cedris and Kathy,


It's been reported here time and again by contractors, and verified by Setu's data, that clients with unverified payment methods go on to verify, hire, fund, and pay. By Setu's calculations, contractors who refrain from proposing to (as distinct from working for) unverified clients cut their job opportunities by about half. This is in nobody's interest: not Upwork's, not clients', not contractors'.




In my experience, unverified clients can turn out to be a pain in the ***, but more often, they don't. And they tend to pay the best rates because they are unspoiled and can be nudged in the right direction.


And let's not forget, we were all bank slates at one point - until somebody hired us despite having no Upwork history.



Edit: Just don't start working for them until they have verified their payment method and you should be fine.

The reason for so many unverified clients is because they are allowed to be.  Based on how the site currently works it would be a huge mistake to filter these people put.  So many of my contracts started with an "unverified payment method"; however, one should not actually begin work until it is verified.  As long as you wait until they are verified, there is no risk unless this is about a fear of losing connects.


My feeling is that there is likely no incentive for a client to verify their payment method until a job is going to actually start.  As a result why should they take the time and potentially even risk, of entering payment details if they wind up not actually being able to hire anyone.  Unless the site moves to enforce payment method verification before posting, I'd think it more likely than not that new clients would wait to supply that info.  So you really cannot read anything into that.

I may represent the opinion of some freelancers, who believe (accurately or not) that clients without a verified payment method are not demonstrating that they are financially-viable employers.


This option was available last year, I was using it all the time. Suddenly, this filter option was gone and so was the option to look for job postings by previous clients.


As for clients with unverified payments, not sure why they are unverified but two of my best and longer term clients had unverified payments. I never had any issues with either of them.

Hi Dee,


The filters for verified payments and previous clients are still available in the job search:




Please, let us know if you aren't able to access it.

~ Valeria