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Filtering offers

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Ron P Member Since: Jan 10, 2016
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How can I filter offers I get? I am not interested in traveling to some countries so I don't need to see those offers. And also, offers never seem to cover travel costs. I don't understand how this is supposed to work. A job pays $500 but is several thousand miles from my home. That won't even cover the travel cost let alone the work. Why is this so difficult to understand? I viewed the recent webinar but learned almost nothing useful as far as how the actual contact and bidding works. Is there any other help out there?


I have been working professionaly for 7 years and applied for many different types of projects but this Upwork thing is just very confusing.


Thanks for any help...

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Upwork is an online marketplace, and the vast majority of projects are delivered online, so it should make no difference where the client is located.


If the work you do can't be done online, without travelling, you may find it difficult to get significant amounts of work here, as Upwork is really geared towards bringing freelancers and clients from around the globe together, with the work being done remotely, not on site.

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Ron P Member Since: Jan 10, 2016
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Ok, thank you for the clarification. However, this still sounds very difficult. If I accept a job and have to produce it locally, then I hire actors etc. and put together a 30 sec commericial for expample. Then the client reviews it after it is all done and wants a reshoot. How is that covered in the bid as it is unknown if that will happen. I wish it was clear exactly how this works because it sounds like the freelancer could get screwed very easily.