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Hi, sorry if this is some recurrent topic.



I want to filter PERMANENTLY job from several countries I don't want to work to.

That's possible?

For example:

I don't want to see jobs from X country. They take me time and don't want to stay in the platform reading jobs from that X country. But permanent filter, not for searching filters.




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Community Manager

Hi Camilo,


I understand you'd prefer not to perform a search, however, saving a job search to your job feed is currently the best way to accomplish what you're talking about. 

Once you have saved a search, the job feed that appears on your Find Work home page will match your saved search keywords and, more importantly, filters for that search. You can save more than one search, and you’ll be able to select the search you want to view in the options under Jobs you might like. Check out this help article to learn more.


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I think he asked about excluding countries from search, which isn't possible.


sorry if this is some recurrent topic.

Yes it's been asked before. The best you can do is include the countries you want to see the jobs from, and save the search.



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Yes I always do that, but i have to do it all the time. There's not a way to pre-set your profile. With the search and other customizations.


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