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Final payment system is misleading and confusing

When it came time to make a final payment I was less than impressed with how Odesk handles the process. First of all I had to select "End the Contract" to make a payment. In reality when I "end a contract" it's typically on bad terms. "Ending a contract" means the deal went bad. Like.. I want my money back. Please change your nomenclature! "End the contract" is negative. something like "Complete the contract" or "Fullfull the agreement" or better yet.. "Make final payment" would make more sense... seriously. I was hesitant to even click that button because of how it felt. I really liked working with my VA. I wanted to make sure she got paid. Why would I want to prematurely "end our contract?" Do you know where I'm coming from here? So I finally did click the "end the contract" button and once there.. I saw no easy way to make a final payment on that screen. NONE! I was very confused. It seemed like getting a refund was the default setting. VERY BAD! Sure.. I left positive feedback for my VA. It's layed out very nice and easy to fill in, but where was the "pay now" button! i ended up refunding the money to myself, not paying my VA, looking like I was unhappy with her work, wasting time in tech support getting her paid for her time. It took about an hour to resolve the conflict. PLEASE ODESK! Make the final payment method less confusing and reliable! Thank you.

Yes, 'contract completely successfully' or something like that does sound like a better term.