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Financial Account Suspended

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Shumail M Member Since: Sep 5, 2011
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Hi Everyone, I just did login and saw a notification on homepage saying "Financial Account xxxxxxxxx has been suspended. Please contact customer support." Yet everything was fine 4 hours ago. Can anyone please tell me it's reason or what should i do ? i have opened a ticket with Support team but need your help too Regards,
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Ayesha S Member Since: Nov 22, 2009
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Hi Shumail, It is against our policy to discuss the details of any account suspension publicly. Please follow the instructions on the email you received from oDesk and contact the support team directly for details on the status of your account and funds. I sincerely hope that your suspension gets lifted real soon.
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Manikandan G Member Since: Nov 6, 2013
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Hi Ayesha, I am also having the same issue and went through your answer after that only I am having bit hope I will restore my account. I tried live support but couldn't find any where , I already rise the ticket for that . Could you please the risk management number to contact them. Thanks