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I suspect

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Well that was posted by the contractor concerned in this thread: see if the collected wisdom of the forum could come up with any explanation as he didn't understand it. We didn't either. I was putting already public information under the right eyeballs, so to speak; and also it made a handy illustration. I probably have more severe rules on private information than oDesk does. Never thought I'd break that rule, even technically...just the javascript one to go and I have the complete set. Yay! I realise that there are efficiency advantages to be had by shutting accounts down and letting users come to you; but it strikes me as a little severe for the offence of "having a profile photo that oDesk doesn't like for some reason". "clear and appropriate for a professional, global community" doesn't really tell you a lot, frankly. Could mean almost anything and if account suspensions are riding on it a bit of clarity might be both helpful and time-saving for support. The OP of that thread above, by the way, had a professional photo of himself; but he shopped in a background (Hey! It's easier than tidying up!) and the image contained a logo. Until that thread, I'd always read that clause as the image shouldn't *be* a logo; not that there shouldn't be one anywhere in the image. He got suspended. Clarity again. I know that a lot of the recent changes have been to make clients feel safer; but if you're doing that all at the expense of contractors then you're not helping the platform in the long run. This sort of thing doesn't help.
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No sensible person would expect oDesk to discuss specific individual profiles and violations here on the forum. But if the OP is correct, HE contacted support who could not tell HIM what the problem was. That is unacceptable. oDesk just heavy-handedly suspend accounts without prior warning. That is unacceptable. The photo that Darren is referring to (I also saw this on the original post) has no apparent reason for being in violation of any rules. That poor guy's account was suspended without notice. That too is unacceptable. Come on oDesk - something is going very wrong with your site and service. When will you start fixing the broken things that neither your Freelancers or Clients are happy with?
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I suspect they have poorly trained, brand new support staff with a minimal amount of English skills to begin with, trying to interpret what 'appropriate for a global community' even means. You need to post specifics people. No sunglasses, no hiding behind a laptop, passport quality, only from the shoulders up etc etc etc.