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Financial Transaction Limited Notification.



I have seen a notification, why is that show, can anyone tell me that and how I resolve that issue?

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How are you? 


I provide YouTube-related services to my clients. But recently I saw some bad intense clients gathering here like another marketplace. They invite freelancers to communicate with them outside the marketplace by their personal contact but Upwork does not show this in time and for this reason, it is too late to take any steps.  That's one reason.


The second reason is: Recently My $205 amount 02 order was canceled by Upwork without knowing any right reason but I have already provided more than 50-60% work. In reality my client has gained form me but I have lost my money and work.


Please let me know how I survive from this.







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Community Manager

Hi Kakan, 

As a gentle reminder, please note that users cannot communicate off Upwork until a contract has been set up on your account (the client sent an offer, and you accepted it). It would also be best to visit these articles for more information on how you can keep in line with Upwork's Terms of Service when engaging on the website:

In the meantime, it would be best if you read up on the "Safety First!" section of the freelancer resources we have compiled, these tips for avoiding questionable jobs, and these articles for more information about working safely through Upwork.

I checked your account, and it looks like the team has reached out to you through this support ticket. The team will contact you once they get to your ticket in their queue. As this is a case being handled by another team, it should be best to keep communicating with them through the ticket thread so that you can be assisted further.

~ Avery
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