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Financial account Suspended, didn't get any reply from oDesk help center since 28 days.

One of my client made a dispute for 4.10 Hours. But honestly I did fair work for him. That's why may be first time I won the dispute. But unfortunately same client made another dispute for the same issue. This time oDesk suspended my financial account with a ticket and asked me to reply within 2 days. And as they asked I replied within 12 hours and was very confident because I won one time before for the same issue. But Unfortunately oDesk didn't replied my ticket. 7 days later the replied that "Thank you for your prompt reply. We are currently investigating this issue. I will update you within the week regarding this matter." I refunded all the money (12 Hours) earned from that client though he claimed for only 4.10 hours. So I think now I don't have any relation with that client regarding that ticket/issue. But still oDesk is unresponsive. And now its almost 29 days and no one bothered to discuss regarding for suspension. Everyday I contact help team they only said "In reviewing your account, there's another department handling your ticket. Unfortunately, they can only complete the resolution of your account issue. I will surely make a follow up to them to request to expedite the process and send you an update through ticket as soon as they can". I am really upset with the unprofessional way of handling things of odesk. Sincere and hardworking contractors have no place here on this platform...n odesk keeps interrupting their work someway or the other. Still wondering what is happening there.

Did you hear any thing from support?

when your account was open?

I'm facing same issue