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Financial id suspension.

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Prosen K Member Since: May 9, 2014
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Hi there, Good day! My financial id of odesk has been suspended 6 days ago without notice or showing cause in ticket. Then i opened a ticket, then reply me to they will review my account between 24-48hours. But i don't get any response till now. I have opened some ticket also, but they close that by mentioning that an another ticket opened. i update the ticket everyday by no response from there. It's 7th day of financial suspension and i don't get any help or reply from odesk. Though I told in my ticket that i am ready to provide my identity document, prove of doing great work for clients and following odesk rules etc, they are not help me till now. On the other hand i need money as my father in hospital and our biggest festival(Durga puja for Hindus) is coming and my family depends on me fully. But i can't withdraw money. i can not withdraw money which i earned by my hard work and odesk don't show me cause of financial suspension, so it's fully unfair. So, what i have to do now? Please suggest me. I am in big problem and feeling helpless. Waiting for your response. Regards, Prosen.
Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Prosen, I am sorry that your account has been suspended. However, here in the Forums we are not able to discuss the individual reasons for suspension. I'd recommend you communicate with the department that is handling your suspension through the ticket and follow their instructions. They will give you updates when they have any and make a decision about resuming your account. Thank you for your cooperation.
~ Valeria