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Financial transactions have been limited.

Hello Upwork Team,

My Financial transactions have been limited since long time ago. I had a problem with my client but later we fixed it.  My Client David Samuel told me that he already contacted upwork and told that our problem is solved long time ago. But still Upwork limited my financial transection. 

I want to reinstate my limitation. If need please contact with my client by email, He will reply that we have no problem and we want to work again on upwork.

So Please remove the limitation and back my account to normal, So I can work freequently using my account.

Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Md. Mofakhkharol,


I've notified the team about your the limitation to your account and will get back to you when I have more information. 

UPDATE: Hi Md. Mofakhkharol, please check this email from the team so that the limitation to your account can be lifted. 

~ Avery
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