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Financial transactions limited

I have a warning like below. 

Financial transactions for ... have been limited. Please check your email for additional information or contact customer support.

I just bought connects to apply for the jobs what the hell is that? Even applying for jobs with money and limiting also that? When I want to contact your support team chatbot appears and It says please log in to your account and come back. I already logged in. I attached the SS please check it. Please improve your system properly. Also some of the jobs which I applied look withdrawn. What does it mean?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kerim,


Please bear with us as this may take a little time to get information since we’re waiting on a response from another team. We appreciate your patience and will update you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

It looks suspended now. I see previous chats that people faced same issues. I think that is a way of keeping control on users:)). If the team need verification or something why they don't want it on time. I bought plus membership before getting any job :). I invested to this website for using it. You guys make people disappointed. Please 🙂

Hi Kerim,


I checked your account, and it looks like our team reached out to you regarding your account status. Please respond to the ticket so that they can assist you further. Thank you. 

~ Joanne
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