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Finding Enterprise Client

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Abinadab A wrote:


In fact, some very successful freelancers have made the decision they don't want to work with Enterprise clients. These freelancers found that the hassle that working with them involved was just not worth it. They also found that of a truth, all that glitters ain't gold (the Enterprise badge and all) and that the "ordinary" clients pay more.


Other "very successful freelancers" have made the opposite experience and understand that just as there all sorts of "ordinary" clients, there are also "all sorts" of Enterprise clients. Those other very successful freelancers are intelligent enough to assess each opportunity on its own merits, rather than making sweeping statements that do not apply to all opportunities with all Enterprise clients.


Did those very successful freelancers tell you that? How do you define "very successful freelancers?"  Top-rated? Yearly earnings $ 30k +? $ 50k? An average contract value of $ 1k +? Or....?


How many Enterprise clients have you worked with to be qualified to state that "ordinary" clients pay more when actually Upwork's own numbers say the opposite?