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I have more work than I can handle at the moment and want to hire a freelancer to work for me. How do I do this on oDesk?

All you have to do is open a client account, it can be linked with your current account, or opened independantly. You can then post jobs and hire freelancers according to your needs. Payment will NOT come out of your contractor account, you will need to have a seperate payment method such as a credit card, or paypal account for your client account. I see that you mentioned you want to hire another writer to handle your overflow, while this is common, make sure that your actual clients are aware that you are sub-contracting and give their permission to do so. This will cut down on hassles for you in the long run, and also reduce issues with contrctors that you hire. I do suggest that you offer fair rates, interview VERY well, and start off with maybe one or two topics at a time per contractor you hire to make sure the quality you get is on par with the quality that your clients expect.
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