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Finding invoices


Please do something about the way freelancers find invoices, it's the most confusing system I've ever encountered. I have no idea what to do to not miss any invoices and not do tax evasion, since what actually matters to the accountant is the INVOICE DATE inside the invoice, but it's extremely difficult finding invoices based on that information, especially since the invoice order makes no sense whatsoever.


I was searching for October invoices, and they're all mixed, I find November invoices as well underneath October invoices, simply because some are hourly and some are fixed price paid upfront.


I would like to search an invoice based on the INVOICE DATE inside the actual invoice. It's a nightmare the way it is now. Please consider this.

Thank you kindly,


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Hi Cristian,

All billings on your Transaction Report have official invoices that can be downloaded or printed. Please check this guide on how you can get an official invoice.

~ Jo-An


Hi Jo-An ,

I know, but that's not my issue. My problem is that I have to provide my accountant with the invoices for the previous month. For example yesterday I had to send her all the invoices for October. But if you have access to my transaction history, I will give you real examples.



Nov 7, 2018 Hourly Invoice for 10/22/2018-10/28/2018 - 2:10 hrs @ $25.00/hr **edited for Community Guidelines** $54.17



So the date shown in the transaction history is Nov7, but the actual invoice date is October 28. Why isn't the date in the transaction history October 28, like in the actual invoice? Or, why can't I search invoices based on the actual date written inside them? At least a preview invoice option would be helpful, so we don't download and delete invopices that we don't need, although it would make a lot of sense to be able to do both (preview an invoice without having to download it, and search invoices based on their actual date)



Nov 6, 2018 Fixed Price Invoice for Designer for a new website : initial design task: Milestone 1 - Initial KickOff **edited for Community Guidelines** $100.00


This invoice is right below the one from the first example, in the transaction history page. The actual date on this invoice is Nov 1. So basically first I have an invoice from Oct 28, and underneath, I have an invoice from Nov 1, even though the usual order is chronological, from top (newest) to bottom (oldest).


It just doesn't make any senseat all, and it's very tedious, not to mention that it's very easy to miss invoices, especially since they are scrambled like that. diregarding the date on the actual invoices or the chronological order.


Thanks you,



Hi Cristian, 

Sorry for the delay. I looked into the examples you've noted and wanted to explain it in detail. 

On your first example, you see the invoice dated as 28-October, because the invoice was generated on that day, Sunday, 28-October, as it was the end of the work week 10/22/2018-10/28/2018. In the Weekly Billing Cycle, this is referred to as Week 1.


On your transactions history page, the date is showing as November 7 because that's when the money/funds became available on your account. 

The same goes for your second example. The invoice was generated on 1-November, when the milestone was released, and it became available on your account after the 5-day security period, which is on 6-November. 

The transactions on your Transactions History page are showing in the order by which the funds are made available on your account (for your earnings on your Contract) among other transactions. 

I hope this clarifies things. Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. 

~ Avery

I totally agree with you, the whole invoice system here is uncomfortable and not user friendly for the accounts management. 
I hire many people here and every time it a mess. 
as well that the amount is in $ and my account is € so I need to find which one was it all the time. 

Hi Jo-An

Any idea why my reply was removed? I typed for 10 minutes giving clear examples from my own account of how difficult it is to find the right invoices on Upwork, I thought that might be helpful, didn't know it's a nono.


Long story short:

1. Chronological order is not accurate when viewing hourly projects and fixed price projects, I can give a real life example from my account, but I'm afraid my reply is going to be removed again.

2. Searching based on the actual date INSIDE THE INVOICE would be a miracle. Right now the date in the table from the Transaction Report is not the same as the actual invoice date written inside the invoice, so it's pretty much a guessing and testing game.

3. Previewing an invoice before downloading it would help a lot as well, especially if the two issues above would not be fixed.


Thank you

Hi Cristian, 

I fished out your post from the spam quarantine as it was automatically sent to spam. Let me go ahead and check on this, and I'll check with the team if this is by design, or if there's an issue. This may take sometime. 

~ Avery
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