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Finding it difficult to get a job on upwork

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Hi Gloria, 

Upwork is very competitive and it requires a good profile and a good cover letter when applying for jobs. Unless you have a super niche area that you are clustering your services around, you really need to stand out of the crowd. I suggest you to read articles on how to write a good Upwork cover letters and also watch some Youtube videos on profile set ups. You should give it sometime. 


Best of Luck


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  • Thank you, please may i know those super niche skills
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You are the only one who knows the (unique) skills you have. Even if you were told what the super-niche areas are, what is the point of that if you don't offer those services? You can't make up skills.


I would suggest you articulate better your profile description - I see only 3,5 rows of text, featuring a generic description, and if I were a client I would not be impressed by that. What can you actually do for your clients and what results have you achieved?

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