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Finding it really hard to get work

Alright I've tried everything, even offering my services for free just to get that first job and some good reviews but no one seems to want to hire me. Im a very good designer and I have a lot of experience. I was wondering if anyone would like to check out my profile and see if theres anything I can change

I took a quick look at your profile and portfolio items. Overall, your profile is OK. You might add a bullet list of services / applications. Also, take more tests, and add more content to the "Employment History" and "Education" sections within your profile. Some of the freelancers here on oDesk including myself recall the "golden years" on oDesk when good clients and good work was relatively easy to find and acquire for much higher pay rates than clients seem to want to pay these days. Your profile pay rate seems a bit high for a newbie on oDesk. Search the forums regarding the oDesk "mad robots" to learn more about changes and experiments oDesk has engaged in over the last six months or so; changes and experiments that have led to the demise of the "golden years" on oDesk. There are differing opinions regarding those issues. One observation I have regarding your profile is that you must be showing up in client searches for freelancers as evident by your "Recent Job Applications," which show oDesk clients having found you here on oDesk. That's a good thing; again, read about the "mad robots." In closing, your language skills should open up possibilities among a broad range of prospective clients worldwide. Follow the money...in what countries are clients willing to pay and still afford to pay good pay rates.... Hint: It's not us! [us...US....]
Ron aka LanWanMan
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