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First It was $45 for 300 connects and now It's $53.10 for 300... Really?

Is it all about making money now?? What should we freelancers do? I was doing really well till last year and now, not getting quality projects, giving 10% of my hard-earned money to Upwork, and buying connects as well. $53.10 for 300 connects?? So Total connects/connects to Apply for a job that is 300/16= 18.75 proposals. Are you kidding me?? I can't even apply for 30 jobs in this 300 connects. Are we really going to ignore this??? Even if I get a job, It's fine for me to pay but It seems like I am wasting my time, money, and effort. Where are heading to????? We, FREELANCERS, DESERVE A BETTER TREATMENT.

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Wow, hadn't noticed this...checked after seeing your post and can confirm. Here we were focusing on the higher number of connects required to propose, while constantly reassuring ourselves that the cost per connect has remained constant - now that isn't true anymore either! 😢


I wonder if it has to do with this tax update here, which also begs the question of whether everyone is uniformly seeing the same price for connects, or do they differ by location. 

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It sucks and what sucks more is nobody cares!

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