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First bad experience with the upwork.

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Vadim L Member Since: Mar 11, 2017
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Hi guys,


A few days ago I received an account hold saying that I suggested someone working outside the upwork.


Now let me be clear I’ve got a constant workflow on the upwork. I even brought my own client to the platform and I worked with him for 4 months. But since one of the contracts was going to end, I decided to apply to a new job. I sent only 2 proposals and after that, I received an account hold. (Usually 2 to 5 proposals per month is enough). I was using the SAME COVER LETTER that I’ve been using for the past 1 year. (Because I’ve worked on it before and it works perfectly). I’m usually modifying just first few paragraphs to make it more specific for the job post.


So I was asking the support why there was a restriction but NO ONE told me anything. I asked a few times there. But they just ignored it and lifted the hold.


After they did it I contacted the support once again just to check if my CL is OK and follows every rule. I sent it to the support and the agent told me everything’s fine with it. Oh yeah, one more thing all the active proposals were withdrawn by upwork so I’ve applied to the same jobs one more time with the same CL. But I wasn’t banned this time.


And today I’ve got a letter that I’ve been removed from TR program. Why? That’s not fair. I’m TR (well not anymore) with 100% JSS, 94 completed jobs and the client I brought myself to the upwork. I’ve never violated any ToS, I even reported a few fraud clients.


I’m frustrated. If you accuse someone of something don’t you need to prove it? If it's an automatic flag don't they need to review it and tell me what did I do wrong?


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Vadim L Member Since: Mar 11, 2017
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And I understand why there is the TR change. Because I don’t match one of the criteria. (Recent account hold). I just don’t get why there was an account hold in the first place.

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Vadim,


I`m sorry about the inconvenience this had caused you. 

I can see that our team has reached out to you via ticket with more details about this. If you have any additional questions feel free to post them on your ticket and our team will assist you further. Thank you.

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Vadim L Member Since: Mar 11, 2017
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Hi Goran,

I did ask my questions there, but the only thing I got was:

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


That's it. I'll ask again. 


But what's the point of bringing my own clients to the platform (that I've found off the upwork) if I got an account hold for nothing? I mean why, as they say, would I offer to work outside the upwork if I just brought my own NEW client to upwork (for whom I'm paying a fee, you know there's a 0% on our contract but there's still a 3% fee per payment processing for the client so I've included it to my contract and made the necessary discount on it).

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Vadim L wrote:


That's it. I'll ask again. 


If the account hold was in error, keep at them, and they'll remove the marker so your TR status will return.



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Vadim L Member Since: Mar 11, 2017
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I hope. That's why I created the thread. Just to draw their attention. Because once you've removed from TR it takes a lot of time to reach the support. I hope I could break through that deafness.

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Maddison S Member Since: May 15, 2019
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I suppose if you want to give reasons for asking for removal, I suppose you could, but I don't think that's a requirement. As to the feedback you gave, I imagine it will vanish along with the feedback you received, but I don't know that for a fact.