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First hourly job - should I end contract ?

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Gaurang S Member Since: Jan 21, 2015
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Hi Guys,


I have done few fixed price jobs in the past. however few days back I got one hourly job. I was very exited about that. 


Client also said that If i solve the problem within 3 hours he will give me additional 100$. 


I took the project, and within 3 hours I resolve his issue. I sent him solution at theend of the day as well. He also verified in message that I have resolved his issue.  after that he told assign me other task. which I also completed in two hours. I record that manually as i didn't record using odesk timeline. 


however for lat 5 days client ain't replying to my any message. by hourly work my 5 hours money is pending, also 100$ bonus as he promised. 


Now I am not sure what to do ? contact still shows active,  should I end the contact ? 

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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If you haven't heard from the client in 5 days, I would not worry about it. That's not very long.


Even if the client really is permanently non-responsive, you will be paid for all the hours your worked, because hours you log on oDesk are automatically paid for, whether the client does anything or not. You'll even be paid for the manually added hours (unless the client disapproves them or something).


Be patient. Watch your Report panel and watch as the money your earned from this client eventually makes its way to pending, then available, and then into your bank account.


Don't contact the client again until the money is in your account.


You can wait a while before this is really an issue of concern. If you have done everything he has asked, and now he is not asking for anything else, and you have already tried to contact him once, then just wait a while.


Wait maybe a month.


Then, if you want the contract to be closed, I suggest you do *not* start by just closing the contract yourself. ODesk does not like it when contractors close accounts.


Contact the client and, with a message that is purely positive, tell him that when you looked realistically at your schedule, you don't think you'll have as much time to dedicate to his project as he deserves, and ask him to close the contact.


If he does not close the contract, it means that he wants you to continue doing work for him. Once every two weeks write him an original message detailing some new ideas you have for his project. Be very specific, explaining how these ideas will make his project and his life better. Send him your ideas. Maybe you only spend ten minutes doing this. But this is the important part: Make sure you are logged in to oDesk Team and logging time, charging his account for your time, for every minute that you take to write these ideas and forthe time it takes to send your ideas to him via oDesk messaging.


If he continues to keep the contract open, and continues to pay you for your time sending him new ideas... then you won't have a stagnant contract with no work being done. You'll have an active contract which actually benefits both of you.


Maybe the client is simply not very talkative. Maybe he regards you as the professional and would welcome proactive thinking on our part. Be prepared for him to read the ideas you sent him (ideas he paid you to write about) and ask you to actually implement the ideas. He may say very little in response, other than something like: "That sounds great. Please do that."


So don't pitch him any ideas that you aren't willing to actually do.


If he doesn't like you doing that, he can close the contract and stop you from logging any more time.

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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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Gaurang, you received some great advice from Preston, but I would absolutely advise against following the second half of the post.


Just because a client didn't end a contract does not necessarily mean that they want more work performed. It could be that they're too busy, forgot about oDesk, don't know how the interface works, might not even be aware the contract is still open etc. Clocking time generating "ideas" nobody asked for could be viewed as fraud. I personally find it unethical. That said, identifying areas in which you could add value and making a proposal (on your own time keeping the tracker off), might yield in a success and be rewarded with another project to legimitely work on.


When working on hourly contracts, you should always use the tracker and add sufficient memos to benefit from oDesk's Payment Guarantee.

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Gaurang S Member Since: Jan 21, 2015
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Hi Guys, 


I got all the money for hours I spent, however i still haven't got the bonus client agreed on. He is not replying to messages as well. 


Please suggest what to do ?

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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My advice is to forget about the bonus. You can decide whether or not you want to do any more work for a person who promises a bonus but does not pay.

But if you asked for the bonus already and the client did not pay, there is not much you can do about it. ODesk does not have mechanisms in place to enforce payment of promised bonus money. And filing a dispute or something will only make you look bad to oDesk.