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Re: Fixed Hours Should be Added On Our Profiles

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Aseem B Member Since: Dec 20, 2014
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I will like to point out that total number of jobs is already shown on our profile along with number of hours. And in Public view of one's profile, it is actually shown before the number of hours.  

I do not agree with some of the points raised here like hourly contracts are usually for low paying jobs and do not reflect "establishedness" of a freelancer. In fact I that the opposite is true. Most fixed price projects that you can see on job listings often involve long hours of work for peanuts. In fact most experienced freelancers here only choose a fixed price contract if it is small and do not involve too much risk. If there are examples of freelancers logging hours at lower rate, there are also many examples of profiles with hours logged in at decent price rates. 


As for irrelevant jobs point(where data entry work is being done by a graphic designer) same issue will be there if we display only number of jobs unless category based filter is rolled out by odesk. I do not recommend this as new features rolled out by odesk contain too many bugs. Comparing with "Auto Hide Job Application", I think this feature will start hiding jobs that are relevant to the profile. It should be left to client to check the full profile of the freelancer before hiring him instead of just going through summary.  


If we are allowed to track the number of hours in fixed price jobs, who is there to check if a freelancer is not logging in extra hours  just for the sake of improving a profile. Clients will not mind this as they are only paying a fixed price.


That being said, I do agree that more clients should be encouraged to hire on hourly rate basis specially those who do not have clear requirements and it is contractor's job to advice and convince a client to change contract's term. Even I have had certain clients that pay me by the hour but they set the contract at fixed price as they are not sure how to cover their risk by limiting the number of hours that can be logged. If it was upto me I will make odesk a platform that only allows hourly job contracts as it protects freelancer's efforts. But since that is never going to happen I suggest odesk to keep their current system as we have all worked for years to improve on our profile to make it look attractive to clients according to parameters set by odesk. If odesk keeps on changing these parameters, all that work will be ruined. 

For example I have only worked on 17 jobs in 2 years. This does not mean that I can not get projects. Some of my jobs (Both hourly and fixed price) have gone on for more that 6 months. I think that this reflects my "establishedness" instead of incompetence because my clients(Some not All) love me and do not want to let go of me. Most of the negative experiences I have had are on fixed price jobs and most decent clients I find are ok with hiring people on hourly contracts. I am sorry but I just feel strongly against this idea.



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Jorum M Member Since: Oct 27, 2011
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Hi Aseem. Thanks for your contribution.  Your profile builds confidence in my future as I am undertaking computer programming course.


Thanks and Best Regards,


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Aseem B Member Since: Dec 20, 2014
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Thanks a lot Jorum

And I wish you the best of luck for your future endeavours. I can already see in your profile that you are on a good track.