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Fixed Price Contract Not Allowing Milestones to be added

Odd situation here - client is new to Upwork and posted a job with only a $5 fixed price budget because "she had to put something there." She invited me to apply to it, and after discussion, we've agreed on $1000 for the project split into 4 milestones.  


I was able to update my proposal to reflect the agreed upon price, but I do not have the ability to add the milestones in.  She can't figure out how to add them either (not sure if because she's new or because she is not able to). 


I withdrew my proposal with the intention of submitting a new proposal with milestones, but I still do not have the option to add milestones like I have had in the past.  


Does this have to do with her orignially only posting the job for $5?

Is the only option to have the client create a new job post? 


I want to make this easy on the client given the size of the project, but I also don't want to sign up for a $1000 project without milestones!!

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When setting up the contract the client can follow this:



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Thanks. That screenshot is helpful.  I'm just trying to figure out if there is a way to do it for her so that I can include all of the details we discussed.  


I thought I would be able to add milestones when submitting a new proposal and am puzzled that it doesn't allow me to. 



Hi Carin,

Some jobs do not have the "Propose Milestones" feature available, and it is also possible that the option to break the job down into milestones when you propose new terms is not available on a job which is $5 since that is the minimum dollar amount and is not able to be further broken down further into milestones. However the client is able to create milestones when sending the offer to hire you. Here is more detailed information regarding the steps the client needs to take. If they are still running into issues with creating the contract, please have them reach out to us so that we can assist further.

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