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Fixed Price Project

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Muhammad Faisal R Member Since: Dec 22, 2012
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Hi Odesk And all viewers of My Post I am writing some important thing which i was thinking lasts 1 year. This is my experience and here i am going to give suggestion to odesk. Its my opinion that this statement of odesk "on fixed price project client has total discretion on what to pay and when to pay". Now this is time to change this statement like "on fixed price projects milestone work will have to be paid before going to next module." Meaning is that odesk have to change its policy about the fixed price project. A client comes,post job, hire freelancer and after some days he ended the contract saying that freelancer did't do his work. While actually things did't run in that fashion. freelancer as odesk said that are the hardest worker in the world. These hardest worker should be bonafide especially in fixed price projects. Like after hiring, a fixed price project is splitted into modules and client will responsible for this. After completing each milestone or module, freelancer should be paid first and then he/she will move forward.This policy will help freelance not to waist their time for the work they have done but not actually paid previously. Odesk should take this into their account. Its my personel opinion and i hope other freelancer will agree too. Thanks Muhammad Faisal Riaz