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Fixed Price contract Ended by freelancer

It was a fixed price contract. My client has given me to much work than he said. So I requested him to increased price but he refused to do that.So I surrendered that it was not possible from my end to do the heavy work . Then I requested him to end the contract but he didn't.So after long pause I have ended the contract of fixed price without billing with a positive rating .The client has not given any feedback. I was totally unaware to this help forum where solutions can be found.I think I have done great mistake.Is my JSS is going to affect?
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Khaja S wrote:
.Is my JSS is going to affect?

Yes. You will also almost certainly lose your Rising Talent Status.


Thanks Petra. How to get again the Rising Tallent badge?

Khaja S wrote:
Thanks Petra. How to get again the Rising Tallent badge?

You won't.

You now have one contract without feedback and one that closed as unsuccessful.

You won't get Rising Talent Status back once / if  you lose it and the unsuccessful contract will count as such once you get a JSS after a few more completed contracts.

You should have clarified the exact work you were expected to do for the milestone before accepting the contract. After accepting a contract is not the time to define deliverables.


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It sounds like it was one of those scammer clients who suckers new freelancers by asking them to do more work only after they accept the contract. Unfortunately, OP, there is no real protection from this type of scam.

Thanks Tonya,
I think Upwork should keeps eye on this matter and makes strong strategy to tackle it.
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