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Fixed Price contract issue


I am not a regular freelancer so rarely do work on upwork but have a good profile and feedbacks. Recently I had a client and it was a fixed price project and total project cost was deciede 700$ after negotiation. The project was related to scientific writing. Client sent me 1st milestone of 350$ and when I asked why 350$ he said "The full work should be submitted for the 1st milestone. The payments are broken up into milestones just based on the completion of the work and then any necessary changes." I submitted the full work on time and he approved the first milestone payment but did not start the second milestones.and I know its perfcet does not need any changes. Its fishy as its almots 7 days and he is not even replying me.What I should do in this situation. I never faced  this kind of sitaution before and I just read Upwork guidelines and it says that you only get money which is under escrew not for full decided payment.


Need guidance.

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Sorry to hear that but more bad news is that you are never getting another milestone or remaining amount. why would you submit full work for half a price ? milestone simply means you are dividing your job into several pieces and getting paid for each one. Only thing you can do now is to move on, close the contract leave a feedback stating whatever happened and help other freelancers from getting scammed in the future.

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As Rizwan mentions, never submit all the work for a partial payment - that sort of puts you on a weaker position as you can no longer force your client to pay you.
Sometimes the clients are honest and they come back and pay you and other times they are not so its better to play it safe. If someone funds half, give them half and explain that you are waiting for the updated milestone to continue.

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re: "What I should do in this situation."


You should learn from your mistakes and not make those same mistakes again in the future.


I am very sorry. I do not doubt that you are feeling disappointed right now. But you did it wrong. This is your fault. Which is good news because it means that YOU HAVE THE POWER.


You can change how things turn out in the future. Don't work on unfunded milestones.

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