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Fixed Rate Question - What if client doesn't pay?

Hello, I am editing a manuscript for someone. She requested it through google docs, which I don't usually do, but I understand that's how some people write. Not a problem. The problem is that though she paid me my first milestone, she has not activated the second one, though she'd said she would. She couldn't figure it out, so I added a milestone on my end for her to apprive. That was a day ago (mannuscript due Monday) and I'm almost done with the work. Meanwhile, late last night she was in the document accepting changes and she also messaged me something along the lines of, great, looking forward to seeing it. But still, not accepting the milestone or activating it. 


While I'm trying to give the benifit of the doubt here, I'm a little nervous. Would this qualify for protection, if she skips out on the other $175 and closes the contract without paying? Or am I out of luck? Like I said, trying to give her the benifit of the doubt, but I'm getting THAT feeling. I've read the help guide on this, but still wasn't sure. 

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Sarah L wrote:

Would this qualify for protection, if she skips out on the other $175 and closes the contract without paying? Or am I out of luck? . 

There is 0 protection on unfunded milestones.


Here is what I'd have done: I'd have copied the manuscript into another sheet and work on the unfunded part there.


I also work on unfunded stuff for trusted clients sometimes, but unless it's one of my totally trusted years old relationships, I don't allow the client access to the work until there is money in escrow.

That said, it is weekend and it's only been a day....

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You are right. It's been almost a week though, (Monday) since she should have activated the milestone on her own, which is why I finally submitted it. I try not to be a jerk, I'd considered finishing it offline, but I hate to risk a bad rating. 

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Why would you get a bad rating?

To be honest, it should have been "Sure, I'll get onto it right away just as soon as you activated the next milestone" all along. The system on the client side is not that unintuitive and I work with with new clients all the time, and never had one not figure it out, especially when you set up the milestone!


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