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Fixed job pending... I am not getting it...Screeshots are Attached

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Ishank b Member Since: Jun 23, 2009
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Hi, Today, I successfully completed a small fixed price job. I just need to give a feedback to client. I am not sure whether client has released the payment ? Why am I seeing a pending status. Screenshot one (payment status is still pending) - Screenshot two (I am baffled by this report it says amount is paid by client)- Did my client has even released my payment ? If yes,when it would be available for withdrawal. Or, should I give my client a feedback then it will be available for withdrawal. I appreciate your help. Thanks Ishank
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Ayesha S Member Since: Nov 22, 2009
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Hi Ishank, There's a 6-day security period on fixed price payments beginning from the day the client's payment method is charged. The "Date" field that shows "pending" in your case will change to an actual date once oDesk receives the funds from your client. It usually changes to an exact date within a day or so. Hope this helps...
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