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Fixed price ad but client also sates "I am looking for lowest rates"

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Ramya B Member Since: Aug 13, 2016
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I see almost every or every other "Fixedprice" jobs having this statement -

1) I am looking for lowest rates, or

2) the amount iindicated is only a formality, please bid or

3) budget is 100$ and in the job description client says he/she requries 10 freelancers. Is is it then per freelancer 10$? I have to bid for 10$ or 100?


How to bid for such ads? 


And then there is a "Rate tip" I get while bidding, also the client's average hourly rate. So how to bid for a relatively reasonable rate for such jobs.


PS: these jobs are typing pdf or scanned copies into word which basically do not require much of a skill 




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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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1) Don't bid on those jobs. Clients looking for the lowest rates will not pay well and will always be trying to squeeze more out of you for the little bit they're payiing.


2) Ignore the stated budget--that's a client who doesn't know what a reasonable rate would be but had to put a number in that box because it's a required field when setting up a fixed price job.


3) There is no consistent answer to this. Different clients do it differently, and sometimes that's just a placeholder,too. If you're going to bid on those jobs, just bid a fair rate and let them take it or leave it without trying to guess what the stated budget means.

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Ramya B Member Since: Aug 13, 2016
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thank you!!  Its supportive to get this detailed reply than a mere "Which part of it do you not understand"


Much appreciated Smiley Happy