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Fixed price job

Hello dear oDeskers 🙂


I'm new around here and I have some questions. So I've finished my first job for fixed price. And I saw that my client sent the payment and in transiction history it says pending. Do I have to wait or? My profile is connected to payoneer account. So what do I do to get this money on my payoneer account?





Yes, just wait and it will be available in due time. You can set your payment schedule as you wish. Mine is set to pay any amount over $100 every tuesday, remember, you're charged $1 for every withdrawl.

In Transiction it says that my payments are pending and the balance on my account is 00.00$

Does that means that I have to wait untill I have 100$ to see it on my balance or can I get these 35$ I have, now?

Hi Anja,


You can withdraw the funds you have available on your oDesk account any time by clicking Get Paid button in the Settings or you can set your Payment schedule to have your funds sent to you automatically. 

~ Valeria

Hi Anja


I think the others have missed part of your point. Once an amount is paid by the client it goes on hold for a six-day security period. After that  six days it will change from pending to available. At that stage, once it's available, you can either manually withdraw it (your profile page - Edit Settings (top right), then "Get paid" (List on left side), or leave it to be automatically withdrawn to you if you have set up a payment schedule.


Congrats 0n your first money here.

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